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The struggle is real. Book a lesson with a Moxie artist and learn the tricks and tips that will help you feel confident going for a new look. Lessons can be booked one-on-one or gather up your gal pals for a private group lesson.

Your special day should be stress free. Let us take over and do what we do best so you can relax and enjoy the moment. All bridal packages include a pre-wedding consultation and application complete with false lashes.


Your lash technician will determine a custom design tailored to your eye shape in order to enhance  your natural beauty. Silk extensions are placed onto individual eyelashes using medical grade adhesive. Your lash specialist will discuss aftercare and maintenance requirements to ensure the duration and quality of your extensions. 

Individual extensions are placed on individual natural lashes one-by-one. Curl, weight and length will be determined by your specialist

Clusters of lashes are glued onto individual natural lashes; this creates a more dramatic effect.

 Brush your extensions daily, avoid using mascara as much as possible but especially avoid any waterproof mascara or eyeliner formulas. Use an oil free cleanser and be very gentle when cleaning the eye area. Avoid oil-based cosmetics and makeup removers.

how does it work?

Microblading, otherwise known as "Brow Embroidery" or "3D Brows"  is a semi-permanent form of tattoo artistry using a a "blade" to deposit pigment into the skin. The "blade" in microblading is actually a row of tiny needles ranging in numbers and shapes. During a Moxie microblading procedure, a micropigmentation specialist will hand draw in hair like strokes to achieve the client's desired shape and color. First, the specialist will use precise measurements applying the "golden rules of eyebrows" to determine which shape best suits your face and eye shape. Next, a customized combination of pigment is chosen using color theory and the Fitzpatrick scale and adjusted to the client's liking. Once both the client and the specialist have agreed on a shape and color, the microblading procedure will begin.

Microblading typically lasts from 1-2 years. Each client's skin heals differently which is why the follow up appointment is critical in order to achieve the most long-lasting results. Keep in mind that microblading does not last as long as traditional eyebrow tattooing, but it does give a much more realistic, hair-like result.

The majority of clients report only mild discomfort. If clients have undergone any traditional tattooing, most say that microblading is much less painful. At Moxie we provide clients with a topical anesthetic to numb the area before we begin the procedure in order to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Your brows will need touching up every 1-2 years. How often you will need retouching in order to maintain your desired result can greatly vary depending on how well you take care of your tattoo.

How long does it last?
Does it hurt?
Will i need touchups?

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